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Pressure washing removes dirt, grime, stains and a lot of other things that can cause your siding, decks and walkways to have a bad appearance and rapidly deteriorate. Exterior areas of houses need to be washed regularly to avoid staninging from dirt and grime. When selecting a company to provide a pressure washing service it is important to ask if the pressure washing machine is a cold water pressure washing unit or hot water pressure washing unit. Also just as important is if the company is utilizing detergents. Soaps and detergents are important to achieving a clean surface. Clear View Window Cleaning is licensed to utilize commercial grade detergents and acids. Clear View Window Cleaning also utilizes a hot water pressure washing unit. Hot water will wash surfaces better than cold water. The hot water unit has an adjustable pressure valve to best treat surface areas safely. Clear View Window Cleaning evaluates the area of paint and integrity of surfaces we are pressure washing during the estimate and will have great communication about the outcomes to expect from the service.

Ask about our pressure washing combined with window washing discount.  

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home
-Increases the Value of Your Home
Your home is one of your best investments.  
Pressure washing is the most affordable way to increase the value of your home.  According to the National Association of Realtors, pressure washing your home can add $10,000 -$15,000 to the sale price.  -Improves Curb Appeal.  
Curb appeal is important, even more so if you are selling your home.  Pressure washing the exterior of your home will remove dirt, grime and stains that can make a home look unattractive, aged or get passed up by a potential buyer.

Benefits of Using a Professional Pressure Washing Company
-Clear View Window Cleaning uses a commercial size pressure washer that is more than 3 times as powerful as a common residential unit.  This translates to a deeper clean and better stain removal.  
-Pressure washing units can cause substantial damage and injury if not used properly!  Never operate a pressure washer while on a ladder.  Our highly trained staff uses only the best safety equipment. Clear View Window Cleaning is fully licensed insured and bonded.


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